This Candle Smells Like Midland Station


On a good day, Midland station smells like boiled cabbage and soggy cardboard but on a bad day—on those hot summer days—breathing through your mouth won’t even help you. The stench and you have become one. Thankfully you’re only there for a few minutes. By the time you’ve made it to Scarborough Town Centre, you’ve almost completely forgotten your swan dive into a rotten egg and coriander soup. Almost.

Top: neroli
Middle: patchouli
Base: cedarwood

• 8oz candle - approximately 50 hours of burn time
• Small batch hand-poured in Scarborough, ON - a donation is made to the Panzi Foundation with every purchase

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kim Phillips
Great Company

Love to support local and buy in Canada. Midland smells lovely and arrived perfectly. Great gift for a
Friend who grew up in Toronto and still loves any excuse to visit

Nori Miwa
Amazing candle!

I gave this beautiful candle to a good friend for his birthday and he loved it! Both the name and the scent are great :)