As with all candles, the first burn is the most important. Here are a few important tips on candle care and how to reuse and repurpose your Catherine & Co. candles.

Candle Care

  • Let all of the wax melt evenly across to reach the edge of the jar—allow the candle to burn for 2-3 hours. This helps to insure that the candle does not “tunnel” by leaving access, unused wax on the sides of the glass. Your candle will last much longer this way.
  • Never burn candles on or near anything that might catch fire or leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Wood wicks should maintain a wick length of 1/4 of an inch above the wax to aid the candle in catching and maintaining a proper flame. You can maintain the wick by gently breaking off burnt edges with a wick trimmer or a pair of sharp scissors.
  • A candle with a flame that is too high will burn too hot and may become dangerous if left unattended.
  • Never extinguish a candle with water.
  • Move your candle from windows, doors, air conditioners, and fans to prevent the candle from smoking (and to prevent from smoke inhalation) 
  • Staying away from short burn times will prevent your candle from tunneling
  • Candles should not be burned for more than 4 hours at any given time.

     Reusing/Repurposing Your Candle Vessel

    • Bring a pot of water half the size of your vessel to a simmer.
    • Place your candle inside the pot and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, making sure that the wax in your candle is melting.
    • Turn off the heat once the wax has liquified completely—use a glove or cloth to remove the candle vessel from the pot.
    • Discard the liquid wax in the trash, not in the sink or anywhere else.
    • Carefully remove the wick clip from the vessel.
    • Wipe the vessel clean with a paper towel
    • Wash the vessel with warm water and soap, do not use any abrasive cleaning materials or the paint will be removed from the jars.

    All Catherine & Co. candles are ethically sourced, are petroleum-free, come in reusable and recyclable vessels, are vegan and vanillin-free, and are hand-poured in small batches by 1 Black woman in Toronto, ON.