More than a street corner, Jane is a harbinger of culture and community for immigrants, refugees, and all those who call Toronto home. 

Top: saffron, white tea
Middle: peonies, orchid, tobacco
Base: vanilla, almond milk, tonka bean

• 8oz candle - approximately 50 hours of burn time
• Small batch hand-poured in our Scarborough studio

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Julia Hui
Smells AMAZING!!!

We received this candle as a gift and although we don’t burn candles often (3 young children running around the house), it’s so cozy when we are able to burn it. (When we can’t, we like to take the lid off just to smell it.) We get a lot of compliments on its scent. Will need to buy this for a particular friend’s birthday…a special candle for a special friend!!! (…And buy another scent for myself to try!)

Cate Foster
This is my favourite candle!!!

Wow!! I love this scent and so do all the men in my house which is interesting. This is a scent for everyone, —I can’t wait to buy more!!